The valkyrie endeavour2

The Valkyrie Endeavour is a free platform that focuses on feminine empowerment through a 3 C approach: courses, coaching, and content.

It was born as a dream to empower women worldwide through entrepreneurship, share knowledge and decentralize education.

It is expanding with the idea of sharing skills in 5 areas:

1- Business

2- Sustainability

3- Personal development


5- Entrepreneurship & innovation

We believe in a “circular education”, meaning that skills and knowledge should be shared. Knowledge has no value if it is stuck with only one group of people. We believe that knowledge should flow to flourish.

The Valkyrie Endeavour is registered as Voluntary association in the records of the Danish Business Authority, with CVR number: 40670777.

As for August 2019, The Valkyrie is a partner with CanopyLab, which is a social platform for learning, meaning that our courses will be available on the CanoplyLab platform!

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